Awaken ~ Empower ~ Remember ~ Re-Align

for Body, Heart, Mind & Spirit 

Everyone has a different way of bringing their light to earth. There are people who find new ways on the physical plane, others are here to bring the truth to light, and still others hold certain subtle energies and expanding consciousness on this earth plane. No life task is more important than another.

In our innermost core we are all the same; Divine Beings having an earthly experience.

I would like to envision a worldwide Re-Membering & Awakening, and to empower the Sacredness of the Divine Feminine!

I like to change Consciousness in people, so they are healthier, aligned and in their Heart through an Experience.
E esche gi eschu

I offer Transformative Tools, Products & Services.

I like to convey Peace, Harmony  & Empowerment  with what I do and offer, so that our Sensory Senses and Perception are in a state of Well Being.

I call this site Sacred-Awakening because I created an Oracle Card Deck called "Sacred Awakening", which is my 'bigger' contribution to the world for its awakening.

I offer products, tools and services which can support you in deepening your awareness and connecting more with your Higher Self or I AM presence.
This in turn can support you in having a deeper and richer experience with Life, Nature, People and the Divine.  

Soul Gazing & Soul Light

In general this painting reflects the Soul Light.

It is multidimensional and sees beyond the reality of appearances into True Reality, or your True Self. 

And it has the ability to go deep into your DNA.

Put prints on your body,  feel and recalibrate.

Attune to your crystalline energy field, use it daily to expand your Light!

Sacred Awakening Oracle Cards

Illuminate your Path - Awaken to Your Self

“Your tarot deck has so much of choosing being at peace. Your tarot deck lead people back to their wholeness, especially the issues that woman deal with.” 
Spirit - Donna Bradley

“These are not ordinary tarot cards, each of them is a gateway…”  Kartron channeled by Patrick McCormick

These cards are a non-traditional card deck with 67 cards, which was not planned but happened naturally. 
6+7=13, which is a very powerful number and  I found different websites who talk about it. 

Here just a few insights about the number 13 :
~ In ancient times was a sacred number because it cannot be divided and is thus close to the nature of a circle. 
~ 13 is a feminine number and suggests that you tap into your intuition. 
~ 13 is a very sacred number.
~ 13 is "The Return of the Goddess in all things", brings and carries the frequency resonance of Transcendence of matter and the embodiment of ascension, the new earth frequency code, Unity and Oneness.

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Vibrational Light Mist's

A vibrational medicine and experience for body, heart, mind & soul.

This is my latest creations. Energetically made with certain light vibrations through intent, prayer, sound and specific symbols, synergistically balanced with essential oils and quartz crystals infused. 

Whale & Dolphin Mist
Whales carry the Ancient Lemurian Codes within 
them ,,,

Feel more connected, aligning deeper with 
yourself  ,,,

Sexual Healing
Embrace the Sacredness within you. 
Feel Empowered ,,,

Manifest and presents itself when you stop searching outside ,,,


Hand blended on Kauai in small batches. It is 100% pure and natural, and therapeutic grade Aromatherapy.

Rose Essential Oil Mist
Heart Soothing, Anti-Stress, Feminine, and Stabilizing.
I use different Rose Essential Oils ,,,

Lavender Essential Oil Mist
Relaxing, Balancing, Refreshing.
Calming Lavender, with Sandalwood ,,,

Sage Essential Oil Mist
Space & Energy Clearing, Feng Shui, Rituals and Ceremony.
Sage cleanses old energies, and Selenite brings in an ‘angelic’ light energy ,,,

Vetiver Essential Oil Mist
Grounding, Revitalizing, Uplifting.
This Mist helps with EMF. 
The earthy foresty scent of Vetiver essential oil, Juniper, Orange etc. ,,,

Altar Kit & 
Magical Ceremony

An Altar creates a sacred space, a manifestation corner, a bridge between the visible mundane world connecting with the 'invisible' Divine world.

Holistic Wellness & Spiritual Life Coaching

I will share my wisdom, knowledge and tools in various ways ,,,,

Crystal Bowls Sound Bath

One Bowl for each Chakra in 432 hertz & Tibetan Singing Bowls for the 3 Dantian

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