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Hawaii ,,, Ancient Lemuria ,,, Aloha Spirit

I was born and raised on Lake Zurich in Switzerland. I was surrounded by nature, fell asleep with cow bells, rumored around in the nearby forest, climbed trees, frolicked in the lake in the summer, enjoyed the snow and the majestic of the mountains in the winter. So I spent a lot of time being in nature and connected to it on a deeper level.

This connection to nature, and remembering Hawaii, eventually brought me to the 
Hawaiian Islands in 1997. 

A clear Vision 
In 1997 the Hawaiian Islands called me from Switzerland.
In the early 2000's, I painted a symbolic picture called the Moving Light for my conscious dance. At a healing gathering a woman who is very sensitive to energies approached me saying: "This picture is very healing and I could look at it for hours. You should paint more!" Wow, I was surprised, and yes I opened up for more information to be downloaded and painted.

I then had this clear vision in 2008 of creating my own oracle cards.
I trusted and created. They are a fusion of watercolor paintings with superimposed photos, pictures and symbols. Hence, the 
deck containing 67 cards was created over a time period of several years. ‘Et voila’ I published in 2013 what I call the 
'Sacred Awakening Card Deck'. I sold over 1000 decks. of the 1st edition. In 2022 I reprinted a small batch 'printing on demand' which you see now in my shop.

Vibrational Light Mist's  & EsZenSual Mist's
My latest creations ,,, I create them energetically with certain light vibrations through intent, prayer, sound and specific symbols, synergistically balanced with essential oils and quartz crystals infused. I make them in small batches in my home.

Altar or Sacred Space
I also combine some Mist's with Matted Prints of my 'Sacred Awakening Card Deck' for a deeper connection wit the Divine; 
to create an Altar or Sacred Space.

Mini Retreats (in the making)
They would be held here on the island of Kauai.

I also would like to share with you my most significant things I have done on my Spiritual Journey; maybe as a recommendation.
I tend to attend, learn and do more simple teachings and techniques to get out of the mind and into feeling; feeling the Divine, My Divine, and have a direct experience.

Being in Nature

Nature is consciousness and love. And if you get quite enough you can feel her amazing energy and receive her love.

Turn off your cell phone, get away from people, step out into nature, immerse yourself in water, maybe close your eyes and listen.

Take every opportunity to explore and be in nature barefoot  to get grounded.


These rare teachings are for those walking the path of true knowing; seeking the path of no-more learning.

An ancient bliss-practice, which originates from the Mountains of Kunlun Shan, that leads to self-awakening.

I did the Facilitator Training in 2009.

Fire Walking

An amazing empowering experience to be able to walk on hot cools for like 10 meters (33 feet), without burning your feet. 

Something inside of you which is 'way bigger' is 'taking over'. 

I did three different weekend retreats while I was still living in Switzerland.
Just amazing!

Conscious Dancing

Can be defined as a mindful free style dancing for authentic self-expression, self- discovery, personal healing or growth, experienced in a sacred space. 

I have experienced my soul coming in and literally starting to move my body! Amazing when you'r able to dance from this space.

I danced for 13 consecutive years on a weekly basis on Maui.


This is an excellent way to open up your channels and to invite more divine energy running through your body, and transform it.

You can use it just for yourself or for others.

I did Reiki I & II 1992 in Switzerland and Reiki Master in 1998 on Big Island.

Tantric Sacred CEX

Creative Energy Xchange; channeling the passion with conscious awareness, experiencing sex as Divine Transformation.

"Pure sexual experience is heart centered. It occurs when the masculine and the feminine let go of their separate identities to be the intertwined love they are."
Tobias channeled by Jeffrey Hope

I did different retreats, read books and remembered this ancient wisdom already infused in my body from other lifetimes.


I prefer more of a a restorative or Yin Yoga, where going into a deeper space and find stillness is more so part of it.

Yet any other yoga is better than nothing.

A long shavasana or best have 20 minutes of  crystal bowl sound lets you go into a deep surrendering  space.

Organic Raw Food

Eating  organic, if possible a lot of raw, I think is essential. If you eat meat etc. then please only free range, grass fed etc. And good to know where your food comes from and how it was treated.

Combined with the 'right' supplements, so your body can do what it knows to do and feel wellness and health.

Enjoy & Love Life

And of course Enjoy and Love Life as good as possible in a conscious and healthy way.

Relax, Move, Laugh, live, love ,,,

Some sweet encounters ,,,

Who I AM

Well ,,, probably a Starbeing having an earthly experience

As I mentioned above I was born and raised is Switzerland.
Yet I liked to 'escape' and 'see the world'. 

I traveled in India, Nepal and SriLanka for 6 months.
Canada and USA for another 6 months.
I lived in European countries for 6 years; Egypt (Africa), Turkey, ex Yugoslavia, Greece, France and mostly Italy.

For me we can learn a lot from other ways of living, language, cultures and countries. We realize that there are so many ways of living life, and with respect and openness we all create a better world!

1997 I finally made it to the Hawaiian Islands, which I call Home! I have lived on Big Island, Maui and Kauai.

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