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Testimonies for Crystal Bowl Sound Bath

Nohea's healing journey was so relaxing! It helped me to get more into a meditative state. I am not even sure if I was awake the whole time.
It seems I was in the zone, and at some point it almost felt I was swirling around in space, zoned out.

It seemed like the sounds were going into one ear and coming out the other, and I was slowly spinning around; so cool! I really liked it. It was almost like going back in time into a neutral kind of feeling, like being a baby in the womb again.

Just laying down receiving all the sounds was very cool, like an adventure.
Thank you so much, Nohea!
- Kim Ione -

Testimonies for Soul Gazing & Soul Light print

“The first time I put two prints on my front torso while laying down. I literally could feel movements within my spinal cord,,, like particles re-arranging ,,, with a deep relaxation.” Andara, Kauai

“First I felt a heart opening and then the energy moved into my 3rd eye, like an activation. The ‘sharper’ one I felt more in my entire head (7th chakra). The energy in my body is filing up, and when it was saturated enough, an over flow happened and activated my Kundalini in an undulating shaking of my body”. Nohea, Kauai

“This painting has straight crystalline energy, pure angelic energy with no barrier. Really high energy, a piece of energy. When I put it on my heart it feels very sweet, strong and gentle, my hands tingle even busing. 

Two beings complementary, the feminine and masculine energy, either accepted or rejected.” Mira L., California

“If I need a fast blast of light I chose the ‘sharp’ one, otherwise the other is easier to take into my system and for a longer period of time.”  Deva Chappell, Maui

“The ‘sharp’ one energized and vivified my energy.” S.P., Maui

“It feels like a blanket warm and soft. Or like a sunshade protecting. So generally it protects my heart. It blocks what ever it’s facing, when facing outward, and yet I can keep my heart open. When it’s facing my heart, it’s a protecting shield for me.”  Steve R., Sacramento

“Agent of Ascension reminding us of our true essence and nature, lightness, dissolving of form, definitions, boundaries, density dissolving, dissolving, into "the Field”. I experienced merging with vaster, lighter, expansive energies to a certain degree, then out of nowhere resistance came up, I didn't know I had. Had an inner tossing and turning, unease. The image was assisting me in the merging with higher frequencies and in that process brought up what's in the way.” Gabi, Kauai

“I feel ecstatic and again the alignment [like the Oneness Mist]. The vibration comes up my nose into 3rd eye, activating my forehead as well as a heart activation. In the 2nd chakra I feel more space. It activates the kundalini in me and makes me feel like I am high. My ego and stories about me dissolve and I am more present right now. Powerful! I feel it penetrates my cell’s DNA.” N.S., Maui

“The heart particles started to move. The whole body is buzzing and energy tingling inside. Something is opening up like expanding and moving some stagnant energies. One can go into a deep relaxed state.” Regina, Maui

“In the belly area the energy was going out, felt like a releasing. The heart chakra area was filling up with a warm light. After that, it became more balanced. I felt calmer and more relaxed, although it was subtle. But this happened just within a few minutes.” Darrel W., Portugal

“I dropped into a very relaxing state; warming, comforting and heart opening. When I looked at the image, it feels like two beings in Oneness, the masculine and the feminine side.”  D.N., Maui

“I feel safe, feel I can breath like it’s clearing out lungs. It is doing some kind of energy work, and maybe different for each individual.” D.C., Maui


Testimonies for Sacred Awakening Oracle Card Deck

"Just by picking up the cards, it feels like I am walking into that pyramid {meaning the one on the box}. What ever that pyramid represents - some sort of a gateway - it feels like I am standing there, some sort of a different space or dimensions!

I am seeing the vision of people going this way, and some people going into the other direction. My interpretation would be, where they need to go that is where they go! What ever they are ready for they go to - different dimensions - so its not only one place, but like dimensions within dimensions or sub-dimensions.

It also feels like, I see this vision of this big well you see into, which gives me the feeling that it makes you look deep! Its not just the water you walk up to and look in, it’s a well you need to look deep in not just to the surface. It’s almost like you think there is nothing to see. You don’t think there is even something to see. There is more behind {the cards} then what you see on the surface on the first sight, and depending on how deep you are willing to go…

For ex. you pick a card like ‘Sacred Heart’, you then often have a ‘perceived’ idea of what this means. But you might realize that the meaning you had is not the meaning of the card. Actually the meaning is even multidimensional and you can perceive it from many different angels or dimensions. Like looking behind or beyond, there is this deeper meaning you have not thought of yet of what it means as well.
That is what I can say from the first sense just from picking them up!" ReGina L. Norlinde – Author 

“I have always been passionate about writing and editing. But this work is inspiring on a level that I have never experienced before. I sense that there is a lot of assistance coming from another level. Words, thoughts, ideas come to me from “out of the blue’. It is amazing how easily the work flows and how time seems to slip away. I come away form the finished project feeling uplifted and excited about the cards.” Linda Lake – editor

"All cards that you have gathered depict aspects of Lemuria... By reading these cards, or look at the beautiful pictures, you will awaken in them something that they had buried away of ages old passed. In them my friend, a higher consciousness will be awakened in their hearts.” Hector channeled by Stacie T. Lau

"Sa’arah channeled something so big and was able to put it in such a small box. Each essence is very large and each one is an aspect of a collective capacity - the cards are the vehicle of the activation of these information. A ‘modern bridge for the ancient mysteries’.

The cards are a vessel for the Ascended Masters* so that they walk among humanity, bringing in their vibrations and consciousness in such a way that people have access to. It is the divine sciences of the unseen and the cards have a healing power and ability to transmit these encoded information. Your higher consciousness can recognize and understand this on a cellular level, with an effect of a doorway opening, triggering this deep knowingness and activating a remembering!

 Integrate the higher dimensional sience and the esoteric qualities meaning the mysteries into this realm into a manifest form, so that it can be expressed and given to the world or dimension here." Kartron channeled by Patrick McCormick

 “Your tarot deck has so much of choosing being at peace. Your tarot deck lead people back to their wholeness, especially the issues that woman deal with.” Spirit - Donna Bradley


Testimonies for Vibrational Light Mist's

Sacred Temple Mist
“Really helped me Focus my energy on my higher Soul activities. It helped shift things into a higher vibrational field. And in a positive, uplifting way.” Mira Michele, CA

“A big presence is the heart note, sweetness, something yummy for the heart. I also feel a groundedness, So for me it feels like a grounded love potion.” Gaby S., HI


Whale & Dolphin Mist
“I felt like floating water moving my body, and yet I am able to breath more into my core and stabilizing. Hence moving from the core and feeling peace.” N.S.
"These sprays are fantastic! Wonderful scents and vibrations!" Sezona

Oneness Mist
“I see golden light ,,, like spirit.” Heimana
“Feels very happy, joyful, playful; a feeling of All Is Good!” RG

Sacred Sexuality & Healing Mist

"All my friends and family love this blend. It is most calming and centering. Beautiful talent in blending!" Julie
“Not only healing, but also very empowering. Helps them to find their power again.” Heimana
“Felt like a doorway opening into a flower garden of a full and new experience. In the sense of different aspects coming together.” RG

Abundance Mist
“It feels sweet, lovely, beautiful and light. I see purple, like the violent ray.” Heimana
“This one comes with a spring freshness. It feels like a perennial that has been long nurtured, and is continually blossoming, again and again in a spiral like way.” RG







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