Holistic Consultations

Learn how to access and empower yourself so that you can transform your life.  Experience Spiritual, Mental, Physical, and Emotional healing, growth, restoration, and rejuvenation, through the utilization of a myriad of integrative healing modalities. 

Healing and personal growth are different for everyone.  We have layers upon layers of built-in beliefs, of values and traditions that have been passed down to us, and for some people, these beliefs and values have been forced upon them by parents, caregivers, schools, culture, religion and country.  In addition to our indoctrinations, we also have to understand that we individually are hard-wired with behaviors and personalities.  If we are to evolve and grow, we need to understand these behaviors and models we have lived by so that we can decide if they are our own truths, or if those inherited beliefs still resonate with us.  Sometimes it is difficult to break free from inherited beliefs, especially when they have caused us so much pain, confusion, and made us doubt about who we are in the context of life.  This confusion may create disaccord and disillusionment within our body, psyche, and emotional state to name a few.  Therefore, it is important to keep all of the aforementioned into consideration when walking the path to spiritual evolution and personal development. Ultimately, the path is extremely rewarding”~Sandra Rojo